IMO 4-pole DC Isolator


The IMO SI25-PEL64R-4 UL508 DC Disconnect is a state-of-the-art solar isolator designed for optimal safety and efficiency in Solar PV installations. It features a 4-pole, 2-string configuration with a capacity of 25A and voltage ratings up to 600VDC. The isolator utilizes a unique rotary “knife contact” mechanism, ensuring minimal arcing and low power loss. Its compact design, measuring 180x98x107mm, is constructed with materials that reduce fire hazards, with the main enclosure rated at UL 94V-0 and the handles at UL 94V-2. The device also includes a lockable rotary handle for secure operation and compliance with safety standards​



The IMO SI25-PEL64R-4 UL508 DC Disconnect is a sophisticated solar isolator, expertly engineered for reliable use in Solar PV installations, complying with the European standard EN 60947-3. This isolator is specifically designed to tackle the challenges of DC switching, featuring a 4-pole, 2-string configuration with a 25A capacity and adaptable for up to 600VDC applications.

Key to its operation is the rotary “knife contact” mechanism, which offers a double make/break per contact set, significantly reducing arcing occurrences and maintaining consistent contact integrity. This innovative design ensures that arcing occurs only at the contact corners, preserving the main contact area and resulting in lower power loss and higher operational reliability over the lifespan of the product.

Constructed to meet stringent safety standards, the IMO SI25-PEL64R-4 is housed in a robust enclosure rated at UL 94V-0, making it highly resistant to fire hazards. The handles are also UL 94V-2 rated, further contributing to its safe use in both domestic and industrial environments. The isolator’s design also allows for a user-independent switching action, which ensures a rapid break/make action, typically extinguishing any arc produced within 3ms, thus enhancing overall safety and efficiency.

This isolator stands out for its versatility in installation, thanks to its compliance with various utilisation categories like DC-PV1, DC-PV2, DC-21A, DC-21B, and DC-22A. It is also polarity independent, eliminating the need for specific directional wiring of the PV supply. Moreover, in case of supply to earth failure, the high short circuit current capability of up to 2400A ensures robust performance.

The product is also designed with a patented SAFE-LOCK handle, providing an additional layer of safety by offering a unique lock position separate from the OFF setting. This feature ensures that engineering access to the enclosure is only possible when the handle is in the OFF position, significantly reducing the risks of tampering during maintenance or repair.

Overall, the IMO SI25-PEL64R-4 UL508 DC Disconnect is a superior choice for PV system installations, offering unmatched safety, reliability, and performance in various environmental conditions


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